Fenêtres sur cour #3_Diffractée (window views #3_ diffracted)

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Fenêtres sur cour #3_Diffractée (window views #3_ diffracted)
16 in
12 in
(41 cm x 30 cm)
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This is #3 of the window view series I started last fall. I am currently working on #21 and 22.

"Diffracted" was made around Christmas time, when we were experiencing our 2nd lockdown in France. It conveys both the joy of that end of year period and the somber perspectives of a future plagued with the pandemic. One can also see the influence of the Atlantic coast where I live: this diffracted window can work as a symbol of lighthouses which are an essential landmark in Brittany.
Self-dyed and commercial cottons.
Machine pieced and quilted.