False Dichotomies (I Don't Fit In Your Box)

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False Dichotomies (I Don't Fit In Your Box)
59 in
47 in
(150 cm x 119 cm)
Photo Credit
John Polak
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"False Dichotomies (I Don't Fit in Your Box)" explores the pervasive black and white thinking of our largely gendered society and insists on thoughtful reflection to deepen or widen that thinking. Drawing from the traditional Victorian era, black and white hexagonal tiles resonate specifically with current bathroom access battles in this life-size work presenting a blended human figure composed of split iconic gendered bathroom signs.

We tend to categorize, perhaps as a way to make sense of things we don't yet understand. Recognizing and eventually celebrating the fullest continuum of existence and expression, in its complexity and diversity, is what will move us toward the most inclusivity and thus make us most beautiful as a society.
hexagonal piecework, appliqué, free-motion quilted