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43 in
33.5 in
0.5 in
(109 cm x 85 cm x 1 cm)
Photo Credit
Michael Arterburn Photography, Westcliffe, CO
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"Ephemeral" is one of seven works in the narrative series "The Striking Stone." The series illustrates the dream of a king whose tumultuous reign was vividly described in the Book of Daniel. The work itself symbolizes the fleeting nature of worldly power, and the dissolution of temporal and physical order into chaos following successive waves of cataclysmic historical events.

Sharply-defined graphic elements visible in the piece include small particles (symbolizing mass), waveforms (signifying energy), and spirals (denoting form or structure). These graphic elements are layered over diffusely mottled hand-dyed fabrics, and depict the chaotic remnants of a cataclysmic impact. Metallic thread and free-motion stitching impose subharmonic impulses that energize the piece, caught momentarily in explosive disassembly. The work's highly abstract qualities and subtlety of color make it a mesmerizing standout from the other six works in the series. The complete collection was created over an intensive six-month period and comprise a complete and closely coordinated narrative.

Although my retirement career as a quilt/collage artist began only thirteen years ago, most of my output has focused on an in-depth interpretation of a single line of poetry or a story. With no talent for either drawing or painting, I have had to improvise when creating works that demand graphic arts skill. However, having spent a significant period as an electron microscopist before retirement, my ability to rapidly scan and identify images in virtually any two-dimensional surface was a talent that is immeasurably important in successfully creating graphic images. Free-motion stitching with its rhythmically flowing movement, combined with an innate sense of naturally organic forms, adds compellingly to the artistic skills that characterize my work.
Hand-dyed, batiked and other fabrics; fusible web; polyester and metallic thread; encaustic metallic wax
Collage using fusible web, free-motion stitching, encaustic wax drawing