Energy & Stillness: Homage to Victor Vasarely

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Energy & Stillness: Homage to Victor Vasarely
33.5 in
16 in
0.16 in
(85 cm x 41 cm)
Photo Credit
Larry Wagner
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Drawn to particular aspects of 20th-century abstract art, in 2016 I embarked on a series of homages to a select number of artists. I began with Victor Vasarely because I especially love to work in black and white with a touch of red. Inspired by the clean lines and clear spaces of geometry, I intend to continue creating works that are reminiscent of what attracts me to a certain modern simplicity that was achieved with paint, stone, and metal, but which I attempt to achieve with textiles and thread.
cottons, painted silk organza; various weights of thread
pieced, layered and stitched by machine and hand.