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(61 cm x 46 cm x 13 cm)
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Joe McDonald
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As I became aware of the plastic waste washing up on beaches worldwide, I considered my own consumption. The plastic water bottle was obvious but I was dismayed by the quantity of little pieces of plastic waste in my life, even as I considered myself an eco-friendly consumer. I soon began stitching the waste to fabric, as a visual reminder to cut back. The piece grew and grew and grew as I realized plastic waste, on any scale, is endless…
Hand-dyed cotton and silk fabrics, Timtex, perle cotton, credit cards, hotel room keys, plastic toothpicks, plastic boxes, plastic strapping tape, drink lids, pool noodle, beach shoes, fruit netting, toothbrushes, plastic bags, plastic lace tablecloth, reading glasses, lenses, berry baskets, plastic tape, mouth guard, tooth whitening syringe, bread ties
Hand-dyed, screen-printed, hand-stitched

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