Double-knit flowers

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Double-knit flowers
80 in
65 in
(203 cm x 165 cm)
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C & T publishing
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This is a quilt made by My grandmother, Elda Wolfe. She was quite prolific in scrap polyester quilt making in the 70's and 80's. She struggled with severe arthritis, and which her hands, fingers, arms didn't bend, but she never stopped creating. This quilt, Double knit flowers was a such a break through piece for her. Knowing that she worked with a sheet draped in her lap, and working from the center out, is inspiring in itself. No design walls to plan anything, yet we see exactly what she was thinking, as the blooms continue out into the corners. Her daughters cut all the clothing apart fo her to to use into random pieces, as she could not use a scissors, and then she puzzled al the pieces together to make these modern beautiful quilts.~ Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Double knit Polyester ( crimpoline) cotton sheet, embroidery floss
Hand appliqu� of double Knit polyester (crimpoline) on a cotton sheet, using embroidery floss. This quilt was machine-quilted-by-check some years later.