Dirty Ash

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Dirty Ash
50 in
35 in
(127 cm x 89 cm)
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A fallen ash leaf with distinctive dark spots marring its surface inspired this metaphor. The diseased spots are, to the leaf, as humanity is to the Earth: a sickening corruption. Dirty Ash asserts that humanity acts, metaphorically, in the manner of an infection causing illness to our planet. We suppose that burying toxic waste in a hole is an adequate method of disposal, only to learn that the poisons leach back into the groundwater, lakes, and rivers, causing sickness in humans and the entire biosphere. We know we must curb our harmful practices, and we know we have the ability.
Assorted synthetic and cotton fabrics, spray paint, markers, photocopies
Pieced, appliqu├ęd, spray painted, free motion quilted