Defining Moments 7: Fleeing the City

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Defining Moments 7: Fleeing the City
48 in
41 in
(122 cm x 104 cm)
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Post WWII, there began a mass migration from urban to suburban. In 1952 my parents moved their young family from downtown San Francisco to the suburbs. Decades later I asked my aged father about this, and he said, “We moved to the suburbs so you wouldn’t have to go to school with the ‘colored’ children.”

This piece is part of a collaborative series created with Marion Coleman, examining how contrasts and parallels in upbringing have formed my collaborator and me into the strong, independent, aging women we are today. She was raised in the segregated South and I in an affluent white Bay Area suburb. The text on the bottom of this piece is constructed from our segregated elementary school photos.