Damss (Daniela Arnoldi Marco Sarzi-Sartori) - THE SIGN

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Damss (Daniela Arnoldi Marco Sarzi-Sartori) - THE SIGN
177 in
59 in
2 in
(450 cm x 150 cm x 5 cm)
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The artists use mainly natural or manmade fabrics, yarns and fibres to create sculptures, pictures and installations, focusing on industrial waste fabrics and their manipulation. The underlying theme of the works is the intrinsic value of the reuse and development of the medium connected to the strong technical textiles, maximum creativity and freedom of expression. The creative action of the artists aims to use art to promote industrial textile recycling using new languages. Design is their strong point from reciprocal previous professional experiences and thanks to these, the artists can create
large-sized works.
wool, lace