Custodial Water

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Custodial Water
38 in
29 in
(97 cm x 74 cm)
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Australia is the driest continent on the Blue Planet and is currently in full drought, some areas for 10 years. Some parts of the continent are marginal farming land even when it’s not a drought

Indigenous Australians have managed the resources of coastal and inland waters for Millennium, with care to nurture stocks, feed the people and provide custodial techniques for future generations.

Currently the major water systems that support aquifers and the river system downstream have been robbed by greedy companies and large incorporates who take the water for personal gain.

Some towns and people on the Murray Darling River have no water for drinking.

When will immigrant Australians adopt the same values and let the Indigenous people fix the broken water systems for all Australians?
Cotton, silk organza, dye, Pentel pen, pencil.
Block printed, drawing, hand and machine stitched.