Click-Like- Zoom-Connect

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Click-Like- Zoom-Connect
31.5 in
31.5 in
(80 cm x 80 cm)
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The microchip, the motherboard, the SIM card; electronic circuits and ID holders have been fully integrated into our lives. Computers, tablets, and mobile phones are all crucial, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made them absolutely indispensable. Though they cannot quite replace the all-important, touchy-feely connections that happen when we are actually in the presence of others, they allow us to communicate and keep isolated people in touch with the world. Social media, messaging and video calling apps, interactive TV, and conference calls make our lives in lockdown more bearable. Technology continues to develop and inspire new forms of communication and entertainment for the future. From my series "Life in the Time of Coronavirus", this work draws its inspiration from the surface shapes on microprocessors.
Digitally designed, printed, layered, machine stitched