Cairn Study 3

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Cairn Study 3
53.25 in
33.5 in
(135 cm x 85 cm)
Photo Credit
Craig Howell
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I'm very eclectic and I follow my ideas, but sometimes ideas circle back around, usually over a long time period. Such is the case with this quilt. The inspiration for this quilt is the idea of "stacks", which started with Cairn Study in 2011. The use of "unlikely materials" led me to use the hair interfacing, synthetic paper, and other materials.
Hair interfacing (3 types), linen, linen blends, shot cottons/rayons/linen/blends, silk silk blends, synthetic paper, hand-dyed hemp burlap, Oakshott brand shot cottons, rayons, rayon blends, tulle, acetate and other synthetics, woven, print and specialty cottons, Quilters' Dream/request loft batting
Satin stitched triangle embellishment, quilting in sections (seam covers on back), satin stitched edge treatment, piecing,

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