Buried Treasure

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Buried Treasure
48 in
36 in
3 in
(122 cm x 91 cm x 8 cm)
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Fossils, the precious remains of ancient life, provide clues to the history of life on Earth. Indications of past climates, plate tectonics, and other geological events are discovered through the study of these buried treasures. My specimens, flaws and all, are based on real fossils and include the most accurate data that I could find. Thick layers of fabric simulate sedimentary rock where I imagine the fossils were embedded and then carefully exposed. I have created my own stories of their past, uncovering mysteries of their existence in deep time.
Fabric, canvas, plastic sign board, polymer and paper clay, zippers, vintage measuring tapes, construction foam and industrial felt, acrylic paint, wood, vinyl, painter's drop cloth
Free motion quilted, hand stitched, fabric painted, dyed, clay sculpted, carved, etched, printed