Bonamargy Friary

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Bonamargy Friary
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Denise is a Boulder, Colorado fiber artist who creates contemporary art quilt portraits of megalithic Celtic stones and monoliths (dolmens, stone circles, standing stones, etc.), and more recent (but still centuries old) monastic ruins.

These stonescapes embody both immense timelessness and physical presence while evoking deeply emotional remembrances of human pasts largely forgotten. It’s as if the stones – and Denise's quilts – jostle some deep core of cellular memories, surfacing remembrances not often visited or experienced.

Denise’s quilts are also known, technically, for their hand-painted fabric, assertive quilt top textures, color, shadowing and perspective, depth of field, and craftsmanship and technique precision. Viewers are also fascinated that she constructs her quilts the same way as a stone mason – individually cutting, piecing, and appliquéing each stone, one by one, working from the bottom up.
Hand-painted (by the artist) cotton, cotton-linen, and cotton-silk blends
Raw edge, turned edge, and reverse appliqué; machine appliquéd and quilted

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