Black Water #13

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Black Water #13
58.5 in
65.5 in
(149 cm x 166 cm)
Photo Credit
Steve Gonsalves
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In 2003 I moved from the city I'd lived in all my life; being in a new and very different environment influenced my work immediately. Dora Creek flows near my home and it has inspired all my work since. It's moody, changes day by day, season by season and I have a strong connection with its colours and patterns. It is also a metaphor for my own emotions and responses to memory.I began to paint white fabric and experiment with mono printing and direct and simple mark making. I like the spontaneity of this approach. I returned to piecing quilts, enjoying collaging fabrics on the design wall and having 100% input to the surface design. Bold and simple explorations of pattern and colour were used in this series which I made after the death of my husband.
Cotton, acrylic paint, ink, gesso, red and yellow quilting thread
Hand painted, pieced, machine quilted. Half of the quilt is quilted in red, the other half quilted in yellow.