Baltic Seaside

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Baltic Seaside
44 in
44 in
4 in
(112 cm x 112 cm x 10 cm)
Photo Credit
John Bonath
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The Baltic Sea is ringed with large dunes and tall grasses. Approaching the seaside at day's end, I feel the cool winds against my face and eyes, bleaching out the view. As I approach the sea, the distant sunset filters through the grasses and blends the muted view of sea and sky.

This dimensional triptych is one of my first works that combines my mark-making directly on land, with dimenional presentation, and quilting. I view this work as embrionic to my consequent practice of marrying my subject with the making process itself - particularily in creating the surface design of the piece - believing that this collaborative process further informed the vision and concept of the piece itself.
Cotton sateen
Painted, stitched