Avenging Angel

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Avenging Angel
43 in
53 in
(109 cm x 135 cm)
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On the border between Arizona and Utah, wind-driven erosion cycling over eons of time has carved deep, sensual curves resembling a furrowed field into ancient sand dunes. I photographed these sandstone etchings under a harsh, midday light that beautifully exposed the original ridges. I then extracted elements from many photographs of these ancient grooves, reassembling them using rotations and partially broken symmetries to create my own composition. I strove for a creative tension between the scenic and representational on one hand, and geometric and abstract on the other. The effect, I hope, recreates the inner enchantment of the trekker when she first encounters this magnificent area of nature’s terrible beauty.
Digitally manipulated photographs, layered, rotated, and pieced; printed, layered