Autobiography 1975-2000

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Autobiography 1975-2000
60 in
30 in
30 in
(152 cm x 76 cm x 76 cm)
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All the quilts lingering in my studio got cut up and made ito an autobiographical tower. IT cleared my studio, it cleared my head! I am at the end of my career and want to move on into different areas now, the quilts were holding me back. I have retained only a few of the newer pieces but for the most part have culled the herd pretty well. Basically all my quilts are autobiographical- my husband says I make quilts because no one can read my handwriting.
If it can be sewn, it is included in this stack- paper, various fabrics, many vintage pieces gave their lives... Cotton, linen, blends, and plastic items
Hand work, machine work, embroidery, rotary cutting and stacking. 24" squares of 200+ quilts are 'threaded' on a cardboard Sono tube, available to touch and explore by visitors

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