American Portraits: Heart of the Home

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American Portraits: Heart of the Home
57 in
68 in
(145 cm x 173 cm)
Photo Credit
Larry Berman
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The agricultural landscape of rural America has changed dramatically since 1900, when half the population lived and worked on farms. That number now rests at just two percent, while more than one-third of American farmers are over the age of 65. Every week, faced with economic hardship, long hours, and corporate competition, hundreds of family farmers leave their land for good. The independent family farm is an essential part of our diverse American fabric, representing strength, tenacity, patience, and perseverance. Inspired by 1930’s U.S. Farm Security Administration photographs, this is my tribute to American farm wives and mothers.
Original vintage feed sacks, textile inks, image transfer materials, cotton batting, cotton threads. (Original images courtesy Library of Congress.)
Hand silkscreened images on vintage feed sacks, image transfer of text; machine pieced and quilted.