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Steven Kleinman
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"Alone/ Together" reflects the paradox current technology creates; how we are together and alone at the same time.

In my art I like to tell stories and capture everyday scenes, creating portraits of people around me. The subject of observing people on digital devices was a perfect one for me to explore. For this project, I used the new (technology) with the old (quilting and stitching). I created the images for this piece taking photos with my iPhone of people around me, then transferring the photos to a drawing app on my iPad. Using a line drawing technique I created images that I then printed onto fabric, I enhanced and embellished the images with machine and hand stitching.

My drawings are presented in three separate but attached columns, reflecting the alone but together theme. My self-portrait can be found on the top row of the center panel; I am poised with my iPhone ready to take a photo.
Commercial cotton fabrics, cotton batting, rayon and cotton threads
iPad drawings on cotton from iPhone photos, printed on home printer onto commercial cotton fabrics, machine and hand stitching

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