All's One Under The Sun 2

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All's One Under The Sun 2
14 in
23 in
(36 cm x 58 cm)
Photo Credit
Diedre Adams
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Exploration, problem solving and expression are always on the art path with me. So many things inspire me, everything around me and whatever flits through my mind. An innate problem solver, I approach a blank canvas as a puzzle that begins with only a few apparent parts that only exist in my head.

I enjoy improvisation more than anything. Surface design is definitely one aspect that I love. I start with one thing and it grows organically, almost thoughtlessly. I just hone in on whatever piece I'm working on and "follow the muse" along the way.

The second in a series, there are numerous photo shoots of my own for this piece, plus one negative of a bridge that was found in the town dump and bequeathed to me by a friend and another photo taken by one of my oldest friends and once husband of a lone boat in Sippewisset, MA.
As I perused my photographic images and began to audition and assemble them in various constructs, all I kept thinking about is "all's one under the sun." The natural world is phenomenal and so much of the man-made world - our architecture, our cities - are stunning accomplishments. They exist hand in hand in both beautiful expressions and sometimes disastrous and ugly manifestations, but each are elementally joined together on this cosmic stage.
Just as the disparate photos hold together, they seem to merge naturally with my snow dyed fabrics and the straight lines of stitching echo the structural lines of the bridges and the swirling stitches flow with the natural curves of the branches and leaves, our entire existence of the natural and the invented is intertwined � each dependent on the other, each breathing in the wake of the other.
Cotton, silk, silk organza
Digital photography, snow dyed