All Shook Up

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All Shook Up
48 in
67 in
2 in
(122 cm x 170 cm x 5 cm)
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What does it feel like when our race against the clock overshadows the likelihood of preserving memories?

Inspired by the 2020 pandemic, the artist began her journey to preserve time. She created vanishing thermal collages through the haphazard process of ripping aged images from personal digital/film archives and text from her family's various social media accounts. When brought together, those elements served as resources to express the terror that is time slipping away. These journal-esque collages were then translated into large, velvet quilts.

These images play a game of telephone in their journey to velvet form. Their printed pixels become visibly harsh and distorted. This new tactile tapestry becomes the most dependable form of preservation and begs the viewer to consider its weight.
Digital thermal images printed on velvet, vinyl, cotton, thread
Machine sewn, hand quilted