All Dressed Up, No Place to Go

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All Dressed Up, No Place to Go
21 in
23 in
(53 cm x 58 cm)
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I saw this peacock at a wildlife park in northern Wisconsin. He had an attitude as he strutted his best. My goal was to capture that attitude using fiber and thread. While I make both abstract and realistic art pieces, realistic pieces speak to me the strongest. In the summer I live on an island in the Wisconsin Northwoods surrounded by loons, eagles and believe it or not, lots of other women who are artists, kayakers and explorers. It is impossible not to be inspired and energized!
100% cotton fabrics were used for the base and feather "eyes", some dyed in the microwave and some batiks. Cheesecloth, metallic yarn and decorative trim were also used as were several colors of metallic, rayon and cotton threads.
The base of this quilt is microwave dyed fabric and it is covered with satin stitching and microwave dyed cheesecloth, topped with multiple layers of metallic thread. The body is hand couched metallic yarn. The "eyes" on the feathers were fused and stiffened using water soluble stabilizer. The peacock crown is made from tassels cut from decorative trim and stabilized using floral wire.