Suzan Ann Morgan

Suzan Ann
Regional Representative
Buckhannon, WV

Truth can be elusive. Even one’s own truths can be hard to pin down. My artworks are the result of the examination of my own often evolving beliefs. During their creation, I am afforded the time to reflect upon these beliefs, note their contradictions, and make manifest their essence. In the end, each piece presents one facet of my truth to the viewer as a hand extended in finding common ground and a starting place for future conversations.

In the creation of my wall-hangings I rarely use commercial fabric, I instead hand-dye my fabrics, both new and vintage. I mix all my color choices from only pure, primary dyes avoiding any pre-mixed dye-house hues, which allows my pieces to have a unified look. Most components in each piece are created from my own photographs transformed so they are suitable for screen printing. Construction is usually by raw-edge appliqué with minimal fusing. My compositions are often accented with hand embroidery.

My work usually falls into the “protest art” category. I explore the issues currently in the forefront of American life including homelessness, military buildup, women’s rights, and the natural environment.


41" x 49"

Suzan Morgan