Julia Arden

Regional Representative
Canterbury, New Zealand

I have been consolidating my quilting style after some years of experimenting with different techniques. I like graphic simplicity over, for example, surface design. The most important thing for me is to have something to say, either political or environmental, and to use my art to express that passion. I had a work touring with Quilts of Resistance. I have just won a prize for my recent work on Black Lives Matter. My current theme is the erosion of press freedom.

I have been lucky in that quilting has taken me or my work traveling to other countries, notably Canada in 2019, where Aotearoa Quilters was a guest country showcasing New Zealand art quilts at Ailsa Craig. Other exhibitions have traveled to Japan, France, Germany, and Belgium.

I curated the SAQA Oceania: Distance and Diversity exhibition, which opened in Rotorua last weekend. I also designed and produced the catalogue for that and 2 other exhibitions this year.

I enjoyed traveling (before Covid), music, gardening, and many other outdoor activities.


A Trickle Became a Torrent

A Trickle became a Torrent  84 x 155 cm, 2021

Julia Arden