Jacque Davis

Regional Representative
Vancouver, Washington

I have recently returned to the Pacific Northwest after a long spell in the cornfields of the Midwest. A new language is developing as I explore mountain trails, rivers, and beaches again. I am delighted, challenged, and excited to begin creating art from this (physical) place called home, so rich in inspiration and so dearly missed.

My passion for creating art cloth is enduring, whether in the dye pot, painted, or created using my photos and drawings to create cloth for printing.
Stitching brings the cloth to life, adding texture, depth, and meaning.

My work is a conversation first held with myself and then brought to the viewer. It is an opportunity to pause, explore both inner and outer worlds, and connect with others. The perceived boundaries between us are not real but stories we have been told and are telling. We are more alike than we are different. That is the story I believe in, and I want my work to reflect and communicate. There are familiar threads that connect us to each other that cannot be denied. Our dreams, both awake and sleeping, our hopes, fears, and joys are expressed in the art I create.

My inspirations are the dream world, the everyday world, and nature, both inner and external.

My intention is to create connections that move us towards a more peaceful inner life so the home we carry within can expand outwards within our families and communities.

In the Beginning
In the Beginning
22" x 49"

Jacque Davis