Congratulations to the artists selected for Geometric Expressions!

Virtual Gallery of selected pieces available for viewing January 3

Congratulations to the artists selected by curator Pat Forster for the Virtual Gallery Geometric Expressions. An online gallery of selected pieces will be available for viewing January 3.

Selected Artists:

Terry Aske (British Columbia, Canada) - Dramatically Diagonal
Gay Bitter (New Jersey, USA) - Sailing Options
Peggy Brown (Indiana, USA) - Re-Imagined II
Bonnie M. Bucknam (Colorado, USA) - Zebra
Deb Cashatt (California, USA) - Connections
Anna Chupa (Pennsylvania, USA) - Colorado Birches CA
Shannon Conley (Oklahoma, USA) - Kirigami 2: Chevrons
Tanya Cossett (Georgia, USA) - Abstract Geometric Study 1
Marcia DeCamp (New York, USA) - Blue Squares
Kazuyo Doi (Japan) - Pascal's Triangle
LaVonne M. Dunetts (Colorado, USA) - Fractured
Lisa Flowers Ross (Idaho, USA) - Leaf Stack #25
Susan M. Garrity (Wyoming, USA) - Radiance
Denise Giardullo (New York, USA) - Merge
Diane Goff (California, USA) - Duly Noted
Michele Hardy (Colorado, USA) - Circles #36
Janet Hiller (Oregon, USA) - Marriage
Vera Holmgren (Sweden) - Also sprach Zarathustra
June Horwich (Ontario, Canada) - Chill
Annie Hudnut (Colorado, USA) - Orange Ball
Mattea Jurin (Italy) - The Double Faced Ones
Margit Kagerer (Arizona, USA) - Walking in Circles
Teresita Leal (Argentina) - Conflict
Ellen Lindner (Florida, USA) - Raking Season
Niraja Lorenz (Oregon, USA) - Strange Attractor # 18 - Red Splash
Carole Lyles Shaw (Florida, USA) - GeoAbstraction 105
Lyn McCarty (Oregon, USA) - Homage to Gees Bend
Sara Miller (New Mexico, USA) - Celebration 2
Cathy Miranker (California, USA) - Bauhaus Brasil
Elisabeth Nacenta-de la Croix (Switzerland) - Lava
Tina Sommer Paaske (Denmark) - It is what it is
Frauke Palmer (Ohio, USA) - Don't Egg Me On
Claire Passmore (Mauritius) - Gentiana
Anita Payne De Gaia (Ontario, Canada) - Resilience
Cathy J. Perlmutter (California, USA) - We Are Stardust
Roswitha Schmit (Austria) - My Magic Window
Alison Schwabe (Uruguay) - The Shimmer Effect
Stephanie Shore (Massachusetts, USA) - Evolved 7
Sarah Ann Smith (Maine, USA) - [Re] Connecting  /  XOXO 2022
Jan Soules (California, USA) - Homage to Hundertwasser
Wendy L. Starn (Louisiana, USA) - Good Day, Sunshine!
Dianne Miller Wolman (Maryland, USA) - Study in Stitches
Heidi Zielinski (Montana, USA) - Let Evening Come