Congratulations to the artists selected for Gastronomy

Congratulations to the 40 artists selected for the SAQA Global Exhibition Gastronomy by jurors Desedamas - Cecíla and Mercè. This exhibition will premiere at the International Quilt Festival Houston in October 2022.

Selected Artists:

Bobbi Baugh (Florida, USA) - More than Bread   
Deborah Boschert (Texas, USA) - Green Bowl
Betty Busby (New Mexico, USA) - Pod
Susan Callahan (Delaware, USA) - Crab Feast on the Potomac
Sue Colozzi (Massachusetts, USA) - Cranberry Bog Reflection
Linda Colsh (Maryland, USA) - A Matter of Scale
Judith Content (California, USA) - Ragamuffin Series Gingham
Phyllis Cullen (Hawaii, USA) - Bistro Cubisto
Janet Darcher (Washington, USA) - Another Chair at the Table
Jennifer Day (Texas, USA) - De Colores
Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry (Washington, USA) - Cabbages
Dianne Firth (Australia) - Bread
Ellen Fisher (New Hampshire, USA) - Tomatoes 2
Diana S Fox (Colorado, USA) - Who Broke the Yolk?
Jayne Bentley Gaskins (Virginia, USA) - Hunger: The Universal Cuisine
Michele Hardy (Colorado, USA) - Circles #42
Jim Hay (Japan) - "March, 1961 Breakfast" More coffee Marilyn? More Coffee Joe?
Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - American Portraits: Bitter Harvest
Kathy Knapp (Ohio, USA) - Christmas Confections
Margaret Knepper (Florida, USA) - Brat Love
Patricia Knott (Utah, USA) - Lunch by the Sea at Cadaques
Jennifer H Landau (Washington, USA) - Pink Lemonade
Judy Leslie (British Columbia, Canada) - Barcelona Fruit Stand
Marisa Marquez (Illinois, USA) - Everything on the Table
Jeannie Palmer Moore (Texas, USA) - Limoncello
Laurie Mutalipassi (California, USA) - Is There Hope?
Kathryn Alison Pellman (California, USA) - Food Is Life Food Is Love
Amanda Preston Araujo (Colorado, USA) - Pool Side Breakfast
Stephanye Schuyler (New Hampshire, USA) - Farm to Table Tomato
Sara Sharp (Texas, USA) - Cape Cod Fruit Bowl
Jan Soules (California, USA) - Finding Neverland  #3: Plums
Jean Sredl (Wisconsin, USA) - Gala!
Maria Stoller (Switzerland) - Rush
Heather Urquhart (California, USA) - My Sad Diet: No Sugar, No Cheddar, No Martinis
Naomi S Velasquez (Idaho, USA) - Gelatin Dessert Delite
K. Velis Turan (New York, USA) - Eat Like You Give A Damn
Susan Vogel (Switzerland) - Spices & Silks
Lisa Walton (Australia) - Blue Pots
Geraldine Warner (Washington, USA) - Kitchen Dream
Laura Wasilowski (Illinois, USA) - Penelope's Art