Artists selected for On the Edge (SAQA Virtual Gallery)

Online exhibition will open July 1

Congratulations to the artists selected for the first juried Virtual Gallery! Juror Petra Fallaux comments: “Art affords room for contemplation. It is my favorite way to lose myself and escape from reality. In the unfortunate and harsher reality of COVID times, I often find myself on edge. Seeking out breathing space is more important than ever. My hope is that this online exhibit offers its visitors a few moments of respite and of feeling connected. Most of all, I hope that the work provides a surge of inspiration: keep pushing that envelope!”

This online exhibition will open July 1. In the meantime, we invite you to explore No Limits, already on display.

Selected Artists

Mary L Alexander - Ice Age
Geneviève Attinger - Les Dormeuses
Diane Born - Somewhere between Hard and Soft
Libby Cerullo - Shame
Janice G Chiaffredo - Mark Makings
Sandra Palmer Ciolino - Precaria #12: Scala (diptych)
Shannon M Conley - 33°20'N, 105°33'W
Marcia DeCamp - Roundabout
Segolene M Diamant-Berger - Crazy Plastic Shoping Bags
Susan Else - Wrong Universe
Victoria Findlay Wolfe - The Space Between Heartbeats
Julia Graber - Lonely
Patty Kennedy-Zafred - Veiled Windows
Natalya Khorover - Iron Spine Aloft
Paula Kovarik - I watch too much tv news
Uta Lenk - Daily Somethings
Suzanne E. Munroe - A Captured Moment
Stefanie Neuner - ONE
Frauke Palmer - Dream Catcher
Claire Passmore - A New Dawn
Judith Plotner - America Interrupted
Wen Redmond - Drawn to the Edge
Jean Renli Jurgenson - deYoung - Light and Whadow
Sue Reno - Luminosity
Carole R Rossi - Facing Down The Pandemic: The Cubist Scream
Katie Stein Sather - Mondrian Paddlers #2
Joan Sowada - Democracy Under Attack
Isabelle  Wiessler - Tree bark