All humans have a voice. It is time that they all be heard.

Message from the SAQA Board

SAQA’s core values of integrity, inclusion, excellence, and innovation compel us to stand with those fighting against racism and injustice.

We condemn the violence against Black Americans and strongly oppose discrimination of any kind.  We mourn the countless lives that have been lost at the hands of racism and police brutality. We support the right of all Americans to protest and seek justice for those affected by the continued inequality that plagues the US.

Art is the expression of an individual’s heart and soul. SAQA’s goal of supporting diversity includes welcoming art and artists from marginalized communities including Black artists and all artists of color. We believe they are integral to our mission of promoting the art quilt.

As an international organization, SAQA explores ways to exhibit, educate, and bring more voices to the forefront, in an effort to promote discussion and understanding in our communities.  

All humans have a voice. It is time that they all be heard.

- June 2020

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