Treenway Silks

SAQA Affiliate

Owned and operated by Susan Du Bois and Richard Yabunaka, Treenway Silks is a lively and energetic business in Lakewood, Colorado, USA. 


Treenway Silks was founded in 1997 by Karen Selk and Terry Nelson. After 34 years, they decided to sell the business so they could spend more time traveling, write a book, etc. Effective August 1, 2011, they sold the business to us, Susan Du Bois and Richard Yabunaka. And we've been living inside a rainbow ever since!

Karen Selk and Terry Nelson started Treenway Silks out of their home in British Columbia. Over they years they worked as a team learning about importing silk fibers, dying silk, and using silk creatively. All the while raising a family and being part of a vibrant northwest island community.