Thoughts on Color Palettes - James Gurney

SAQA Seminar (Article)

In this article, artist and author James Gurney talks about limiting your palette within a piece and provides several strategies for doing just that. 

James Gurney is an accomplished painter, but he is best known for his books and instructional videos: “Color and Light” and “Imaginative Realism” are considered classics for learning to paint realistically. 

He was delighted to be asked to share his expertise with the art quilt community. His answers to our interview questions are at the link below. 

As you read his answers, you will need to translate every place where he talks about paint into working with fabric. If he talks about paint tubes, think bolts of fabric. If he talks about color mixing, think fabric selection. If he talks about squeezing paint onto your palette, think of pulling fabrics from your stash. 

Gurney’s advice is valid for any medium.

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