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Our stories bring us together as a community!

SAQA’s history is a shared story of a group of quilt artists who came together to create a place for the art quilt in the greater art world. And we need your help to keep that narrative moving forward!

Your generosity will make an incredible difference this year. SAQA’s exhibitions are on the move again! Exhibitions of art quilts are amazing people across the globe because of your passion to share the art form that you love.

Your enduring support of SAQA has created this vibrant global movement. When our exhibitions travel the world, our art form shares untold stories with new audiences.

We can’t do this without you!

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Send checks to SAQA at P.O. Box 141, Hebron, CT  06248.

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Our stories collected together form a narrative of a caring, compassionate group of people who work together to share creative ideas and advance the art quilt genre. As you make your gift to SAQA, will you also share a story with us? Scroll down to view some of the stories already submitted.

Please tell us a story about someone in SAQA who is important to you or that you admire. Who has inspired you? Who has encouraged you? Who is your art quilt idol?

In 100 words or less, please tell us why this person is important to you or why you want to celebrate them.

Share YOUR Story

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