SAQA Seminar 2021 - Unit 1 (Exercise)

Start to explore your own relationship to color by doing the exercise for Unit 1. Starting with a couple of favorite fabrics, use scraps and embellishments from your stash and see what happens.  You may also want to dip into the self assessment first - just to start a thought process.

Please share your results (images and/or comments) with the rest of us on the SAQA Facebook Group or via our SAQA Seminar submission form


Artist Self Assessment

  1. What have been your main color choices up until now?
  1. Do you expect to choose a different color palette when you are finished with this class?
  1. What types of fabrics are in your stash?  Describe by color, value, and pattern (type and size). 
  1. Of the above fabrics, which occupies the most volume within the stash?
  1. Have you ever been in the “zone” when nothing else exists except what you are working on?  Describe what you were doing when you were there.


Exploratory Exercise 1

Select a fabric you love that is a part of your historic palette in color and texture.

Make a 12” x 12” Color study in your comfort zone with your loved fabric as the focus fabric: don’t worry about technique. Just work until you feel it is done.


Exploratory Exercise 2

Select another fabric you love that is outside your historic palette in either color or texture.

  • Different scale print
  • Different color
  • Different style

Make a 12” x 12” block or art piece in a different style than you have ever done with Fabric 2 as your focus fabric: don’t worry about technique. Just work until you feel it is done.  


Start a journal of your work. 

Write about your reaction to the self-assessment exercises

  • Are you surprised?
  • Is it what you expected?

Write about the differences between the two exploratory exercises.  

  • What were you trying to accomplish in each?
  • Were you successful?
  • Did you have any obstacles to achieving your goal?
  • What skills/techniques were needed?
  • Did you have a specific design approach?
  • How uncomfortable were you with the second exploration?