Pricing, Marketing, and Selling Your Artwork

We love to make our art, but a professional practice doesn’t stop there. Learn more about pricing, marketing, and selling your artwork.

Pricing your Art
by Karen Atkinson (SAQA Journal)

Artist/teacher/curator/blogger Karen Atkinson truly understands the art world from different perspectives. She shares her expertise about pricing artwork, reprinted with permission from her website at GYST, a company run for artists by artists in California.

by Diane Howell (SAQA Journal)

SAQA Journal editor Diane Howell offers tips and techniques to demystify pricing. She notes: Pricing can be the monkey wrench in your marketing tool-box. Finding the sweet spot between desired earnings and what the market will bear can seem like...

by Carol Taylor (SAQA Journal)
Pricing always seems to be a difficult topic for artists. Some of the questions we are faced with include: Are we charging too much? Are we charging too little? Are we competitive? What about the economy? Get more tips from Carol Taylor in this SAQA Journal article.
SAQA Seminar (Article)
You’ve gotten your work out in public. Great! Now, wouldn’t it be great if someone or some organization bought it?! While there’s no sure path to successfully monetizing your art, check out these resources to help you on your way.
by Dena Dale Crain (from the SAQA Journal)

In this SAQA Journal article, Dena Dale Crain offers tips and formulas on how to calculate prices for your quilts. She comments: Even if you quilt for fun or to make gifts, never take your quilting efforts for granted. You...

SAQA Seminar (Video Presentation)

SAQA Seminar 2022: Unit 4 featured Which Price is Right?  Scroll down to view the recording.

Watch as three experienced fiber artists, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Denise Oyama Miller, and Katie Pasquini Masopust join SAQA’s version of Which Price is Right? ...

Marketing your Art
SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)
Cheryl Sleboda teaches us about "Building a Brand" in this video conversation. Cheryl is an award-winning art quilter, lecturer, traveling teacher, and runs two businesses.
SAQA Seminar (Artist Q&A)
Learn more about artist Jane Sassaman and how she uses social media to share her artwork. Jane is a contemporary quilt artist, fabric designer, author, and teacher who has been making art quilts since 1980.
by Cynthia Wenslow (SAQA Journal)
As an artist, your brand is you. In this SAQA Journal article, Cynthia Wenslow highlights strategies to market your art and increase sales.
SAQA Seminar (Artist Q&A)
Learn more about artist Maggie Vanderweit and how she uses marketing tools to promote her successful art business. Maggie worked for 40 years as a lecturer and teacher, and for 20 years selling at shows.
SAQA Seminar (Article)
We love to make our art, but a professional practice doesn’t stop there. As in any other business, we have to market our product (in addition to showing it). Learn more about marketing your art by reviewing these resources.
Selling your Art
SAQA Seminar (Article)
Learn more about artist Ann Brauer how she sells her work at fine craft shows. Ann is a studio fiber artist working in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.
Live Chat with Lisa Walton

This Live Chat with Lisa discussed ‘Marketing and Selling your Art’ with guests Judith Content, Judith Trager, and Helen Godden and took place on May 2nd, 2019 at 5pm EDT (GMT -4).

SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)

In this video, Sue Benner is interviewed by Clara Nartey about "Navigating the Commissions Process". Sue Benner is a textile artist who lectures and teaches workshops nationally and internationally in the areas of surface design, textile collage, fused quilt construction...

Educational Video

Selling Art Quilts with Wen Redmond, Roxane Lessa, and Frieda Anderson

SAQA Seminar (Artist Q&A)
Learn more about artist Betty Busby, her career, and how she sells her work. Betty is a published fiber artist and teacher who maintains a busy exhibition schedule nationally and internationally.
Cindy Grisdela (SAQA Journal)
Cindy Grisdela has spent the last several years exploring the world of high-end art and craft shows as an avenue to get exposure and increase sales of her work. In this SAQA Journal article, she shares her experiences.