Our SAQA Visionaries see the “Big Picture”

SAQA Visionaries  are a leadership group of over one hundred committed SAQA members who are passionate about the art quilt and the community of artists who create them. 

Today, we’d like to acknowledge six of our Visionaries for their dedication to supporting the art quilt and its makers.  

Lynn Allen

SAQA Visionary Lynne Allen is inspired by family history, and she uses her art to try and make sense of what that is. Allen had these words to say about being a Visionary,

Sometimes in life you have time, and can give that easily.  Other times you have money.  When you are truly in balance, you may have both.  And for the world to be truly in balance, we need to find ways to communicate and to share – to recognize what is enough and what is more than our fair share.  Some people call it karma, some people call it paying it forward – I believe that the more good you put out into the world, the better the world will be.  We can use the extras in our lives to make other lives better.”

Sandy Teepen

Sandy Teepen is a Visionary because she believes in the supporting SAQA’s efforts to share the art quilt with the world.  Teepen is inspired by travel.

“My fabric world is so important to me. I support SAQA because I think it is so important to encourage the exhibiting and selling of art quilts.”

Linda Syverson Guild

Visionary Linda Syverson Guild of Bethesda, Maryland is inspired by architecture. She  has created a series of art quilts dedicated to capturing the architecture of her hometown in cloth. Syverson Guild is a Visionary because she supports the community SAQA has created.

“When I attended my first SAQA Conference a year ago I witnessed the positive energy that flowed throughout the members who attended. That is why I am a SAQA Visionary.”

Ivy Jensen

Ivy Jensen is inspired by the materials she finds in life and in her studio. She is a Visionary because she wants to support all that SAQA does to connect its members to each other and the larger art world.

“The totality of SAQA inspires me to give as much as I can to help it flourish. I find that SAQA is one of the best run organizations in my artistic sphere. The absolute drive for the best in quilt art, the great energy of the staff and volunteers, the many challenging exhibitions and conferences all come together in a united atmosphere of quality that carries me along in its path. Along with supporting my favorite charities, I give to SAQA to encourage other artists to pursue their passion.”


Terrie Linn Kygar

Visionary Terrie Linn Kygar is inspired by moments of gratitude. She supports SAQA at the Visionary level because she knows that generosity can inspire generosity.

“SAQA, the organization itself, inspired me to not only give, but give generously. The vision and goals, the stated purpose, the desire and willingness to accept artists wherever they are in their creative journey, to encourage their creativity and growth and then giving support and offering mentoring to help them grow and create. SAQA’s generosity inspires my generosity.”

Nancy Lemke

Nancy Lemke is inspired by political issues. Several of SAQA’s recent Global Exhibition calls have focused on issues that encourage an expression of an opinion in cloth. Lemke used those calls as a path for cultivating her voice as an artist. Lemke is a Visionary because she wants to support SAQA in supporting its members.

“I am fortunate to have spare money and believe it is a responsibility to help organizations I value carry on their work to touch the lives of others. Donating to SAQA took little thought. The organization has fed my creative soul in many ways, and if I can help SAQA support others, that makes me feel good.”

Visionaries provide a foundation of support for SAQA, ensuring that art quilts have the visibility and recognition they deserve. A monthly gift of just $20 makes you part of the Visionaries group. Or you can give a generous gift of $240+ annually.

Visionaries also receive:

  • The bi-annual Visionary newsletter with articles about internal happenings at SAQA and exciting textile tends.
  • Invitations to private Visionary events both at SAQA conferences and at the Houston Quilt Festival.
  • Recognition in SAQA’s annual report and on its website.
  • Invitations throughout the year to “Tea with Martha” a regular series of digital meetings with other Visionaries, hosted by our executive director Martha Sielman and a guest textile expert.