Jane Dunnewold Critique Session

Educational Video

In this video, Jane Dunnewold shares expert advice with artists Merran Phillips, Martha Phair Sanders, and Ree Fagan. Dunnewold's critiques focus on specific technical advice and offer wisdom on how to push successful pieces even further. She also emphasizes the usefulness of journaling to clarify an art piece's message.

Jane Dunnewold teaches and lectures internationally, and has mounted numerous solo exhibitions. She is a recipient of the Quilt Japan Prize, and Gold Prize at the Taegue (Korea) International Textile Exhibition. 

Dunnewold has authored numerous books, including the classic Complex Cloth (1996) and Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design on Fabric (2010.) In 2016 North Light Books published Creative Strength Training: Prompts, Exercises and Stories to Inspire Artistic Genius. She is a former President of the Surface Design Association and currently runs a ten month Creative Strength Training course online. 

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Jane has also graciously allowed us to share her critique guidelines which are mentioned in this video.

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