Women's Voices, Women's Votes, Women's Rights


Women have long been on the front lines fighting for equality and human rights – risking their lives and their livelihoods to make their communities more just. And today, they continue advocating for what Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton calls “the unfinished business of the 21st century” – women’s equality.

The Clinton Center’s next special exhibition will commemorate these brave activists and inspire a new generation to use their voices – and their votes – to advance human rights.

Tracing the history of American women’s battle for the vote and ending with today’s global efforts to secure women’s human rights, the exhibition recounts the struggle to adopt the 19th Amendment, pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and mount a global movement for women’s equality around the world. Bringing the narrative into the present, “Women’s Voices” also highlights women who are continuing the fight to protect and expand human rights.

Sixteen world-renowned fiber artists created a collection of 18 art quilts commissioned especially for “Women’s Voices.” This intricate art form incorporates textiles, stitching, painting, photography, and text to tell powerful stories through a unique medium. These contemporary works of art together with historic artifacts, documents, and media give voice to those who risked all they had to secure the vote and advance human rights.

Shin-Hee Chin - The Future is Female

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Little Rock, Arkansas
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Clinton Presidential Center 
1200 President Clinton Ave. 
Little Rock, AR 72201
United States