Storylines: Jane Burch Cochran, Wendy Huhn, and Joan Schulze


Storylines: Jane Burch Cochran, Wendy Huhn, and Joan Schulze will consist of 14 works by the trio of talented quilters under this specific theme. A storyline consists of the narrative threads connecting characters and events, often with surprise twists that can complicate the main narrative as it weaves the events that hold our attention until the end.

Jane Burch Cochran catches our attention with her ornamental embellishment of beads, buttons, and paint, enhancing her narratives with an abundance of texture that keeps our eyes moving around the surface.

Wendy Huhn’s signature techniques of image transfer and screen-printing vividly enable her to present her tales, juxtaposing imaginary characters with mundane objects to pique our curiosity.

Joan Schulze, who is also a poet, gathers her photographs, fragments of text, and other materials into surfaces that make her stories sing, with themes of loss, personal connections, and individuality.

Dr. Sandra Sider, Museum curator, comments, “this exhibition brings you three of my favorite quilt artists, whose works have amused and intrigued audiences for many years. Come see what they have to say!”

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La Grange, Texas
Venue Info

Texas Quilt Museum
140 W. Colorado St.
La Grange, TX 78945
United States

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