SAQA Seminar 2021 - Color

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Offered once a year over a two month period (late January to February), SAQA Seminar is a multi-media collection of content that includes articles, video conversations, and more! All the offerings will be accessible online and participants will be sent weekly Monday emails for each unit.

We are confident everyone will find something interesting, instructive or inspiring whether you’re new to art quilting or you’ve been creating art with fabric and stitching for years. And remember, all this great content is totally FREE for SAQA members!

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Join us to learn all about Color!

Many will say that color is the most important element in art. So, as textile artists, do we really know what color is? How is it used? How is it different by medium, by culture? Why does color matter? 

The 2021 SAQA Seminar will be covering the subject of color. Humans are visual creatures. Since early in their development, they made color images on cave walls to describe their experience of living. 

In this seminar, we will explore the source of color; various color theories; what it means to work with color; the science of color; how artists use color; and the history, language, and culture of color through interviews, articles, and interactive exercises. A gallery will also accompany each unit. Content will be delivered via email each Monday but will also be available online. This is not a “how-to” seminar, but an exploration of concepts and the experience of color.

We will also provide time for live discussions on the topic and how you might be incorporating the information into your work. 


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