SAQA Journal - Member Gallery: En Silhouette

Call for Submissions
Call for Entry Deadline

Each SAQA Journal has two pages displaying members' quilts related to a specific theme. Please only send images for the current call/theme!


En Silhouette

A silhouette can capture a powerful emotion or a dramatic pose. Whether your version is a perfect outline or employs strategic cutouts to make add emphasis to your work, this opportunity is a study in the beauty of strong contrast



Submission Guidelines

Images will be chosen on the basis of how well they meet the theme and photo quality. Because this is a publication opportunity, image quality is very important. To improve your chances of being selected, send your best photos and use strict photography standards, which means: sharp focus, even lighting, no shadows that distract from the work, no extraneous items, such as hands, feet, or garage doors. Think about the end use of these images, which is a small image on a magazine page; some lettering or tiny details may be too small to be seen by a reader. 

Keep these photography tips in mind: photos should be in sharp focus and well-lit; make sure the images show your piece's correct colors; and take care that there are no distortions, such as a windswept edge. Take the photos straight on so that the outer lines of the piece are even, not angled from taking the shot too low or at an angle. Again, the piece should be the only item visible in the image other than a flat white or gray background. All edges of the work should be visible; please do not crop into the edge of your work. Images should be a minimum of 2100 pixels on the longest side (a larger file size is fine).  

Label the file with your last name followed by partial title (example: smith_dreamingtrees.jpg).

Final selections for the Member Gallery are made at publication time. Artists are not notified about the status of their entries.