OURstory: Human Rights Stories in Fabric


Susanne Miller Jones issued her third fiber art challenge in 2017. In light of the 2016 election, many artists that Susanne had met reached out asking “what’s next?” With concern for the rights of marginalized communities, Susanne jumped in and sent out the call for OURstory: Human Rights Stories in Fabric.  

30 pieces from the full collection of 62 quilts will be on display at the Virginia Quilt Museum. 46 artists from 6 countries created this collection of 62 art quilts based on human rights. This poignant collection includes quilts celebrating heroes who fought for rights long denied to various groups of people, events that drew the attention of news media and the public, and personal stories. We hope that you are moved by the collection and feel encouraged about the future of marginalized communities.

Margaret Williams - April 27, 1994: Mandela Votes

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Harrisonburg, Virginia
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Virginia Quilt Museum
301 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
United States
(540) 433-3818