Inspired by Endangered Species


Contained in the book Inspired by Endangered Species, lively, colorful, and skillfully made fabric “portraits” of 182 endangered species bring them to real, vibrant life. Each portrait features fascinating animal and plant facts from researchers, scientists, conservationists and more: where they live, what their superpowers are, why they are at risk, and how we can help. Dedicated and passionate people who work to protect endangered species share details of their roles and specialties, the planning behind conservation measures, threats to healthy habitats, and inspiring success stories.

This exhibition fosters eco-awareness and responsibility with a helpful and positive tone, not only educating, but also inspiring action. A percentage of money earned by the author from the sale of the book, Inspired by Endangered Species will be donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy and the WILD Foundation.

This national touring exhibition highlights the plight of vulnerable flora and fauna from around the world through colorful 24” x 24” original works of art. This exhibit has been traveling for a couple of years and was featured at the Library of Congress, the National Quilt Museum and the Houston International Quilt Festival, to name just a few.


Karin Tauber - Loggerhead Turtle

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Harrisonburg, Virginia
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Virginia Quilt Museum
301 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
United States
(540) 433-3818