FIBER ART: Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

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Fabric, thread, wool, reeds, paper, wire and even plastic are magical through the eyes and in the hands of a fiber artist. As they reinterpret old designs and reinvent old techniques, fiber artists create new visions. Galatea Fine Art in Boston’s SOWA district is hosting Greater than the Sum of Its Parts, to display the greater world of fiber art today. Galatea's exhibitions also appear on Artsy, giving work a worldwide audience.

Sue Colozzi, a well-known fiber artist and Marjorie Kaye, Galatea’s longtime Director will jury the exhibition. Artists must be 18 years old. No piece may be larger than 60 inches in height or width. Sculptural work will be considered if the artist can supply a pedestal or other suitable device for display. Artists are responsible for shipping both ways.

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Boston, Massachusetts
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