Capturing the Moment: Works by Terrie Mangat


Terrie Mangat is an international quiltmaker focused on creating expressive, contemporary work. Though trained as a printmaker and having worked as a potter, Mangat has made art with fabric and quilts for nearly 50 years, and is credited with starting the embellishment movement in quilts.

In 2020, in an effort to safely venture out during the pandemic, she pursued plein air painting to capture the brief moments of the ever-changing scenery near her home in Taos, New Mexico. After painting the same landscape from different angles on different days, in her studio she interpreted the paintings as quilts. In addition to featuring these paintings and quilts that capture moments in time, the exhibition includes earlier works from her Fireworks and Nest quilt series. 

More Info

Lincoln, Nebraska
Venue Info

International Quilt Museum
1523 N. 33rd St.
Lincoln, NE 68583
United States

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