Art Quilters with Altitude | Elevated Threads


Art Quilters with Altitude present a group exhibit entitled Elevated Threads as a way to ponder how their art helped them redirect their focus and elevated their sense of joy during the pandemic. They left the “blues” behind as they played with color in their studios. They embraced the “blue glow” and the available technology in order to still see each other, and took every opportunity to gaze at the rich, blue sky to remind them that some things still stay the same. It is the hope of the artists that their artwork will cause you, the viewer, to stop and reflect on how blue affected you in 2020 and how you embraced it. The art quilts chosen for this exhibit show off the unique and diverse talents of each artist.

Kathy Genz - Family Farm

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Golden, Colorado
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Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
200 Violet St. Suite 140
Golden, CO 80401
United States