Absolutely Abstract 2023

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National Call For Entries: The MVA Gallery invites artists who have declared their independence from portraying reality in favor of creating abstract art that emphasizes the essential elements of line, shape, color, form, and gestural mark to achieve intense and rhythmic effects. Empty your minds of preconceptions and strive for spontaneity in your non-representational art for this exhibition. The Gallery welcomes any style of abstract art from "drip" paintings to color field impressions to geometric designs.   

Abstract images are powerful -- whether bold or lyrical, severely structured or loosely composed, brightly colored or quietly muted, enigmatic or lucid. Please show us the expansiveness of the creative process by submitting your personal interpretations. Excite us with your variations on abstract art!

Mediums: The MVA Gallery accepts painting, watercolor, printmaking, mixed media, digital, pastel, encaustic, sculpture, fiber, drawing and photography.  

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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania