Do I need a label on my piece? What about sleeves or rod pockets?

Yes, the label must contain the title of the work, your name and address, and telephone number and should be adhered to the back of the work for wall-hung pieces.

If your piece is not wall-hung, you can attach your label to the bottom of the piece or somewhere it is not visible. If there is no place for a label (a two-sided ceiling hung or installation piece), just ensure all contact information is included with your piece

Sleeves / Hanging Requirements

For 2D works, a sleeve should be attached one inch from the top of the quilt and should extend to only one inch inside each edge of the work. The sleeve should have enough give to accommodate a hanging rod and hooks. For SAQA global exhibitions, hanging rods are provided.

Note: the instructions below reference a 5 inch sleeve - other sizes are acceptable if they are more appropriate for your piece.

How to Make a Hanging Sleeve / Rod Pocket »

If your piece cannot hang from a standard hanging rod (sheer pieces, ceiling-hung, 3D, etc.), you may asked to provide your own hanging apparatus. The submission form will ask for additional details.

PLEASE NOTE: While a sleeve is preferred, other alternative hanging methods may be used if it's more appropriate for your artwork. This can include a wired slats or similar.

If you require additional clarification, please contact the exhibition coordinator listed on the call detail page.