Do I need to do anything special when entering 3D or alternative format works?

Work accepted for SAQA exhibitions that are installation, three-dimensional, sculptural, freestanding or wearable, may require the artist to provide display equipment necessary to properly install the piece. This could include pedestals, armatures, mannequins, or custom-made display supports. While many venues provide pedestals, the artist may need to provide the weight of the artwork and might be able to suggest height and size of such pedestal.

Artists should also be prepared, if necessary, to provide unusual or specific lighting for installation works, if such lighting is not typical for the venue’s light system (e.g. spotlights, or floor lights). 

Artists will need to provide step-by-step instructions for the assembly, installation, and display of any work that is not simply hung directly onto a wall.  These instructions should also include, if necessary, clear guidelines for unpacking and repacking of the work for return shipment, including photos, and diagrams.

In the event of a video submission, artists should be prepared, if necessary, to provide the appropriate monitor or projection equipment for viewing. Also, any accepted video should be submitted to the venue in the format requested by the venue, such as DVD, thumbdrive, or upload.