Kimberly Lacy

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Colorado Springs, CO
United States

Artist Statement
I am a self taught art quilter who has been creating art quilts since 2000. Much of my work consists of southwestern landscapes and fossils. My grandfather was an amateur geologist, and his vast collection of fossils in his basement lit the flame of my love of fossils and geology.

My favorite fossils are ammonites. The spiral shape of these ancient sea creatures has completely captivated me. I have quilted ammonites in every shape and color imaginable. The spiral shape also strikes me as a wonderful metaphor for life. We start out small, then increase in size as our life progress. As we grow and learn, we expand our awareness. We can return to earlier experiences on the spiral with memories. We can imagine, dream, and create unlimited possibilities. No two points on the spiral are ever exactly the same as our experiences color every moment.